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In 1958, a judge ordered the University of Florida to end its policy of denying admission to non-white students. The order stated that all applicants must be considered "without discrimination because of race or color." This historical moment ended Virgil Hawkins' 9-year legal battle to be admitted to the University of Florida.

The tragedy in this victory is that Hawkins withdrew his application to make this change possible.

The VIRGIL HAWKINS HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC. is dedicated to sharing Virgil Hawkins' story of struggle and personal sacrifice in the battle for equal education in Florida. Join us by donating to our historical society in Leesburg, Florida today.

How we celebrate Virgil Hawkins

How we celebrate Virgil Hawkins

Our historical society holds celebrations, galas and fundraisers to raise awareness about Virgil Hawkins' sacrifice. Our long-term goal is to build a monument commemorating his struggle for equal rights.

We also host many events dedicated to Virgil Hawkins in the Leesburg, FL area. We recently celebrated 60 years of desegregation at the University of Florida.

Call 813-465-1661 to learn more about our mission, join our events or to donate to our historical society.

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The VIRGIL HAWKINS HISTORICAL SOCIETY is dedicated to preserving the history of equal education in Florida. Your donation:

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In opening the doors for other black students, Hawkins forever denied himself the education he longed for. Learn more about Virgil Hawkins' story by visiting our Background page now.