Attend a Virgil Hawkins Fundraiser

Attend a Virgil Hawkins Fundraiser

Honor a civil rights leader in Leesburg, FL

The VIRGIL HAWKINS HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC. hosts fundraisers, educational events and celebrations commemorating the life of Virgil Hawkins. We recently celebrated 60 years of desegregation at the University of Florida.

The proceeds from every Virgil Hawkins fundraiser support our nonprofit in Leesburg, Florida.

Please check back to see when we'll have a Virgil Hawkins fundraiser in your area. Or call 813-465-1661 to speak with Harley Herman about hosting your own event.

How to host Virgil Hawkins events

Do you want to spread the word about Virgil Hawkins' civil rights work? Our society offers a variety of resources to help volunteers hold their own Virgil Hawkins events. These include:

  • Educational events: Invite speakers to share Virgil Hawkins' work and his role in desegregating Florida's schools.
  • Marches: Raise awareness by scheduling a march at your college, university or any other public area.
  • Fundraisers: Host a gala to raise funds for the VIRGIL HAWKINS HISTORICAL SOCIETY.

To learn more about hosting a Virgil Hawkins event, please call our Leesburg, FL location and ask for Harley Herman.